Prescribed BurnMore prescribed fire means less wildfire.

Those that do it understand the significant cost and risk involved. At AmericanRx Fire Appliances, we have been on the fireline. We understand. We have taken our experience and have applied it, creating an innovative line of prescribed fire products to vastly improve safety and efficiency.

TorchRider is one of these solutions.

Safety Features

  • Less operator fatigue
  • Two hands on the ATV
  • Drip torch is secured to the ATV
  • Less weight on back of ATV
  • Torch can be extinguished quickly
  • Eliminates spillage of fuel and harm to rider and ATV

Efficiency Benefits

  • More nimble in the woods
  • Burn inaccessible areas by removing the torch and carrying it with you
  • No electric pumps
  • No pressurized tanks
  • Turntable mount, uses only 4 bolts
  • Compact enough to transfer from vehicle to vehicle
  • Spot firing is as simple as tipping torch handle, then resetting

Cost Benefits

  • Minimal parts to replace for wear (Compared to tank mounted units)
  • Less cost per unit. (Outfit 3-5 times the ATV’s versus tank mounted units.)
  • Smaller ATV can be used if rack transport weight is an issue

Available Options

  • Steel, aluminum or stainless construction
  • Larger platform for mounting extra torch
  • Purchase extra mounts for multiple ATV use with one TorchRider Rx 41
Call Now to Order! TorchRider RX41 for only $595.00