“Congratulations on your innovative solution to a unique issue.”

—  Jim Felix, Fire Cache

“This is a very interesting product and we feel it will do well in the prescribe fire marketplace.”

Sam Berry,  Forestry Suppliers

“This tool is awesome. It has a lot of advantages over our typical ways of burning.”

A. O. Kirby, Ocala National Forest

Just wanted to thank you for such a great product. The torch rider is an important part of my gear when burning season rolls around. It really increases my production while decreasing my fatigue and allowing me to focus on driving the 4 wheeler. I have always been known for having the best gear and that is why my burning rig has a top notch rear mounted water tank for controlling spot overs with a torch rider mounted beside it. I can really spread the fire with this rig and I have to be careful not to get too much ground on fire at once. If you make a living burning you will be glad you bought it and will wonder how you did without it.


Karl Kemper
Timber Production Services